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Woman of Destiny is a monthly gathering of women from across the Pacific Northwest. one experience can change everything. While you may be able to talk someone out of an idea, you can not talk someone out of an experiEnce. This is why WE MEET monthly. the women of Washington carry great power, and that our lives CHANGED by experiEnce will cause an effect ON OUR FAMILIES, HOMES, cities, state, and nation. Join us for SPIRIT-LED WORSHIP, a timely word, ministry, fellowship, and food.

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10-80 is a Police Call Sign. Signaling a “Pursuit in Progress”.  As men we want to be in pursuit of progress, which is to go forward. Assemble with us the 2nd Saturday of the month for breakfast, worship, TIMELY TEACHING, ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION, AND PRAYER. BUILD YOUR LIFE AND YOUR FUTURE MEN. LET'S GO FORWARD AS ONE.

We have a mandate to Pray. We have hunger to Learn. We have decided to Grow. Psalms 68.11 says,"The Lord gives the Word; the women who bear and publish are a Great Company." Come build community with women of a like mind and a common vision. Bring your Bibles, your babies, your friends and make new friends. We have coffee and tea, worship, prayer, a life giving word, and childcare. We would love to see you.


Jesus went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed. On Friday mornings that is our aim - to pray for the sick, spread the good news, pick up garbage, and to bless local business and government. See you on the street as we love our city well.

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